Shared experiences of a psychologist, based on thoughts, feelings, social events, living-and non-living objects exposed to, day-to-day activities, challenges encountered, and the most vivid memories.

Random thoughts

We learn through experiences. And we develop through learning. Development is necessary for human well-being. Hence, reading these experiences shall contribute to your well-being.


As a state of mind, mindfulness is our ability to focus on “the present” without judgement, expectations, or biases. The practice of mindfulness, is a part of my being. So I intend to write about how mindfulness can be utilized to experience the internal and external worlds in a better and novel way.

Flourishing Relationships

Couple/ relationship counselling is one of my areas of interest and expertise. So I will be writing on how to establish and maintain flourishing relationships, particularly the romantic relationship.

Breathe the present moment in.. and feel it alive inside..

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